The I Am Not a Baseball Bozo award (INBB) is given to the players who had awesome seasons on the very worst major league baseball teams of all time.

When things are going wrong, it’s easy to give up. But these hearty diamond denizens managed to play some incredible ball even if they couldn’t help their teams win.

A few years ago, a mysterious man with a propeller beanie formed a committee of three baseball experts to award the INBBs. But after a late-night raid, these three men were replaced by three other men, and award season was on.

I Am Not a Baseball Bozo: Honoring Good Players Who Played on Terrible Teams (1920-1999) is a compendium of their extensive research and work. Here’s a stat-driven, humorous look at some of the brightest diamonds in the rough in baseball history.

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Here’s another title that fans of baseball history will enjoy…

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Whoa! You mean there actually was a player that stole first base? Yes! Catch the story about the zany guy who pulled that off in Stealing First and Other Old-Time Baseball Stories. Did you know that Hall-of-Famer Jackie Robinson was the star of a well-regarded Hollywood movie? The full story about #42’s successful stint in front of the camera is found in the pages of this book. Learn about the All-Star career of the man who Lou Gehrig displaced as Yankees first baseman, a major crisis Major League Baseball faced in 1969, and the statistical reasons why the term “The Mendoza Line” is inaccurate and unfair.

Stealing First and Other Old-Time Baseball Stories also includes a heart-felt salute to the major leaguers who lost their lives in war, a new look at the reasons behind the Phillies’ historic late-season collapse in 1964, and an easy-to-understand essay that questions the importance of walks in a team’s offensive strategy. The exciting baseball of the 1980s is fondly remembered with a tip-of-the-hat to the decade’s high-achievers on terrible teams and there’s also a big dose of baby-boomer nostalgia centered on a trip to one of baseball’s historic ball parks.

And that’s not all! Stealing First and Other Old-Time Baseball Stories is loaded with intelligent and fun diamond stories that both stats wonks and casual fans will enjoy.

Order “Stealing First” on Amazon: Paperback / Kindle
Order directly from the publisher: Sunbury Press

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